15th August 2013

The Drop Zone Diet








The Drop Zone Diet Lose 14lbs in 14 Days by Penguin Books


Penguin have announced the The Drop Zone Diet is their Book of The Month’ and the feedback we have been getting on the facebook site from people who have done the diet is fantastic.


“Never felt so much energy in my life!”  Carole, Birmingham 


“Not hungry, don’t want chocolate & the soups are delicious!” Jean, Bristol


“It’s quite simply the best (& now thankfully the last!) diet I have ever done!!”  Lilly, Essex



Heidi sums up The Drop Zone Diet perfectly.....


“Hi Jeannette


I finished the drop zone diet few weeks ago, and wanted to say a massive thank you for developing it!

I thought it would be just another diet, and that I would really struggle and hate every minute of it. But, even though it was tough, it has completely changed my attitude to food

The diet kind of took the emotion out of eating, and really helped me become less obsessive about food. And the morning juices have completely transformed my life! I cannot even think about starting a day without a vegetable juice/smoothie. I have some much more energy now, meaning I don't have rely on coffee to keep me awake :)


So thanks ever so much for the brilliant diet, and getting me into juicing! Also, I was wondering if you could you recommend me a whole vegetable blender to make vegetable juices/smoothies? (I don't want to throw away the veg fibre and other goodness). Every one keeps talking about about Vitamix, but it's way out my budget range”


So if you started your diet after Christmas but never managed to stick with it - then why not give The Drop Zone Diet a try, and finally get the health, body and confidence you deserve.