18th August 2013

The Drop Zone Diet



The Drop Zone Diet

With Jeannette Jackson's "The Drop Zone Diet" you'll lose an incredible 14 pounds in 14 days!

It's Rapid, It's Intense & It WORKS!

The Drop Zone Diet

‘This book will not only transform your weight, but your health too’ 

Glynis Barber, actress and author of 

Glynis Barber’s Anti-Aging Yoga Secrets DVD



‘Easy, simple and healthy food by a lady who loves to eat well. This book proves you can eat delicious, fresh food and still lose weight! What’s not to love about this book!’ 

Brian Turner CBE, chef and restaurateur


‘The Drop Zone Diet transformed me into a fit, healthy bundle of energy – I loved it!’ 

Aisleyne Hogen Wallace, presenter and model


                              Foreword by Jan de Vries

The Drop Zone Diet is revolutionary in the field of health and weight loss as it is 100 per cent based on pure health foods that offer true hope for the millions of

people stuck in a negative cycle of powder/liquid dieting and junk food binge eating. 

I recommend this book to all who are ready for the purest of health and lifestyle transformations.

My advice is that you take the time to relish the colours and flavours of these dishes, and let the miracle of nature bring you back to where you belong.

Beautifully healthy, vibrant and well.
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Jan de Vries
World-renowned Health Care Expert and author
of the By Appointment Only series of healthcare books