8th March 2013

International Women’s Day



It’s International Women’s Day and in celebration of living your best life yet, below is an extract from my book

If you’re ready to take the plunge and finally live in a body you adore from top to toe, then I’m here to support you all the way.

Jeannette x

The Drop Zone Diet Extract:

Every single item of food on The Drop Zone Diet serves a purpose in terms of feeding, restoring, repairing, replenishing and re-energising your body. 

It is medicinal nutrition at it’s finest.

Forget the Alkaline Diet, this diet IS Alkaline! 

Forget the Super-food Diet, this diet is 100% superfoods!

Forget the Detox Diet, this is the ULTIMATE detox diet!

All rolled in to one 14 day nutrition plan that helps you to lose up to 14lbs fast!


Author Jeannette Jackson explains, “Many of the diet books currently on the market appeal to our lazy, apathetic side and may seem enticing in the first instance i.e. only diet half the time, eat what you want one day and then fast the next, or fast 2 days and then eat what you like the rest of the week. However, what tends to happen is the ‘eating day’ tends to spill over onto the next day when you’re stressed and tired. Suddenly the fast days are surpassed by eating days and the diet is out the window. The Drop Zone Diet is different because it re-educates the body to subtle flavours of natural health foods and helps to eliminate cravings. It’s scientifically designed to feed the core organs that balance blood sugar levels such as the pancreas and liver. If these are heathy it’s virtually impossible to crave unhealthy foods”


This diet is designed for people who have dieted all their life and are sick and tired of waking up every day with their first thought being either, how fat they are or how can they hate their bodies.


The Drop Zone Diet is an extreme diet for people who are in despair about their weight – who feel they have nowhere else to turn, and whose desire to lose weight quickly is making them feel panicky and anxious.